I did teacher training to deepen my experience with yoga.  I knew I loved the feeling of yoga--what it was doing for my mind and my body each time I came to my mat and so I wanted to do more of that to get more of that feeling and to discover how to weave yoga into my life.  

For me it was a big goal to do teacher training-as a mommy I realized I had not really done anything for myself since the kids were born and I felt like I needed something that was my own thing that was truly for me.  The time I spent away from my family learning and growing was one of the best things I could have done for myself, for my self esteem and also for my family!  A more balanced life = a better mommy and wife.

What I love about teaching is it forces me to plan classes, develop music for my classes (my favorite) and think about what feels good in a class.   I love the social piece of yoga--sitting at home with the kids and working from home doesn't give me any social stimulation so walking into the studio to teach class is just perfect!  

During teacher training I  learned to step out of my comfort zone, to speak and teach to large classes, to adjust peoples bodies and feel comfortable with it and to find my voice.

People say it changes your life and it does--you are not the same person when you finish, your mind is alive with ideas and excitement.  Each person takes their experience and weaves it into their lives in a different way.