I started to take yoga in the summer of 2007. By being a Massage Therapist my body hurt, and I was afraid that I wasn't going to be able to do my career that I loved very dearly much longer. This one summer changed all of that. I was doing yoga up to 4 times a week and felt so good that I knew that if I just keep up with my practice that I will be able to continue doing what I love. I was practicing yoga for 3 months when I started really thinking about the Teacher Training. I was in the middle of taking a yoga class when all of a sudden I thought you could totally teach yoga. I looked more into it and found out that the training started on my birthday and I just knew it was a sign so, I jumped into it with both feet and my life hasn't been the same sense.

All the teachers that lead my training inspired me then and now to trust myself. Be true to myself 100% and you will be successful. Before yoga there was no way that I could picture myself as a teacher of anything. I used to think that there is nothing that I could teach to others. The training helped me find my inner teacher and by just being myself and true to my passion I could inspire others through yoga. My own practice & teaching has made me the person that I am today. The teachers through the training really helped me understand why I love yoga.

So if you love yoga and what it brings to your life, why not learn more about it? Take some time to understand what it means to you. The Teacher Training trains you on some history of the poses and the meanings behind the names. It also trains you to understand your own body and what your practice is. The training goes into so much more depth then you could ever get in a one hour class. Even if teaching isn't what you want to do just keep a open mind and see what inspires. Taking yoga and teaching yoga are two very different ways of expressing your practice. Your practice is for you, but teaching yoga is to share your practice with others. Both of these make me feel the most alive and human which in the end helps me make better decisions and have more control over of my life.

Take time to think about your mind, body & spirit and how you can inspire others with your practice. Of all the studios that I have taught at Mindstream is the one place where I have the freedom to be myself. They encourage us to bring creativity to our own style of teaching. If you're considering studying here you will for sure have a  unique experience in a great atmosphere with this beautiful studio. You will also be part of Mindstream's history by being our first teachers that were trained here!

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"The teacher in me honors and recognizes the teacher in you because we all have something to teach." Namaste`