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About Mindstream Yoga

About Mindstream Yoga in Fort Collins, CO

Our Brand Story

The name of our business is derived from the concept of “mindstream”, which is discussed in many religious and philosophical traditions. It is the continuum of awareness that exists in life; the flow of energy and consciousness that empowers us as thinking, feeling, and intelligent beings. While Mindstream Yoga takes a secular approach to yoga, and doesn’t identify with any particular religious tradition or philosophy, we embrace the meaning behind our name. We believe that as human beings we each have a unique “mindstream”, and that the practice of yoga is one means by which we can each grow, nurture, and expand our experience of this flow in life. That is why at Mindstream Yoga we aim to inspire you to Follow Your Flow.

In addition to our name, the Mindstream Yoga logo is particularly meaningful too. To us it is reminiscent of Scorpion Pose (the pose on the far right in the above picture). Scorpion is a notoriously difficult posture to master because it requires an incredibly well-tuned combination of strength, balance, and flexibility. Yet, like most things in life, Scorpion is attainable with regular practice, focus, and a little bit of courage to try. It is for this reason that we love it’s essence in our logo. Yoga, like life, is about practice, focus, and courage to explore our own boundaries. Not everyone (even us at Mindstream Yoga) can do Scorpion pose today, but that doesn’t keep us from working towards it, one class at a time.