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Ali Duncan

RYT- Registered Yoga Teacher

Ali is a native of Fort Collins where she has worked and raised her children. She is married to Marc Neal and together they have seven children. Ali was introduced to yoga in 1998 after delivering her third child as a form of gentle exercise. Over the years Ali has practiced yoga in between school, children and work. Now that Marc and Ali have three children left at home, she has dedicated more time to her personal yoga practice and energy work. Ali is a Reiki Master, does EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Emotional Clearing, Body Code and Tarot Card Readings. Ali wanted to share her love for Yoga with others so she attended six weeks (300 hours) Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh India. There she spent six weeks in an Ashram learning Hatha Yoga, Mediation, Pranayama, the Philosophy of Yoga and Anatomy. Ali is now Yoga Alliance Certified and has launched her brand of yoga gear called YogiCals. Ali is excited to share what yoga is with others as she continues her person growth.

Chrissy Barker

CYT- Certified Yoga Teacher

Chrissy Barker, mother of 3 has always been athletic playing volleyball most of her life into college. Her and her husband are both CSU alums and are Colorado natives. After being in sales, advertising and marketing most of her life adjusting to being a stay at home mommy was a challenge! Yoga really changed her life, not just with her physical shape (after having twins & a 3rd baby) but also with the connection to the mental and spiritual side of yoga. Upon completing the 200 hour Power Yoga Teacher Training certification she was inspired to jump right into teaching! In addition to teaching yoga and taking yoga classes Chrissy takes care of her 3 kiddos and helps run her husband's business.

Daniel Younglove

CYT- Certified Yoga Teacher

Hi my name is Daniel; I started yoga in the year 2008 when I was 16 years old. Still in my pretty early teens, I had the opportunity to see how yoga impacted your life by seeing the turnaround in my own. Starting yoga for its obvious physical benefits I began to find out how truly beneficial it is for just about everything in your everyday life. Building upon mind health, expanding my creativity, and deepening my awareness inside and out, I quickly came to the decision that yoga was where it was at! After awhile, I finally got myself into a daily practice and that's when I saw the dramatic transitions happen. Yoga being an art of true expression, self growth, and way for connection you can begin to relate your yoga to your life experiences, only to cultivate more beauty in life its self. After making this realization I knew what I wanted to be when I "grew up." I wanted to teach yoga and to spread such a wonderful Practice. Believing Yoga is a meditation in its self, it's amazing the limitless doors it can open. During my teaching I try to provide the best experience I possibly can with understandable alignment queues that help align your body and center your mind so you can relax, align, energize, and flow.

Darla Roselle

RYT- Registered Yoga Teacher

At the age of six Darla entered her first running race. Since then she has enjoyed a life long passion for running and the calm that it provides her mental health. Sports have always interested Darla as both a spectator and a participant. But it wasn’t until Darla was introduced to yoga that she found a true appreciation for the body. Yoga has not only improved Darla’s strength, she notices a distinction in her mind clarity, a more patient disposition, and is a holistically healthier person.

Teaching yoga seemed a natural step in the process of Darla’s yoga discovery. She earned her 200-hour Yoga Alliance teaching certificate through CorePower in December 2011. By instructing the practice of yoga to both novice and experienced students, Darla becomes a more authentic teacher and a more advanced practitioner.

When Darla isn’t running or practicing yoga, she enjoys reading, watching sports, and spending time with her husband Jerry and children Lindsay, Adrienne, and Max.

Heather Gerard

RYT- Registered Yoga Teacher

Heather Gerard has almost twenty years of diverse experience in sales, customer service, marketing, accounting, human resources, real estate and administrative support; and is now very excited to join the team at Mindstream Yoga. She has lived in the Fort Collins area since 1985, being originally from Wyoming. Her yoga journey began almost two years ago when her sister/best friend, took her to a Hot Power Fusion class at Core Power. Being an avid runner and gym member most of her life, she had no idea the benefits received from practicing yoga.

As a full-time mother of two girls, and a part-time Realtor, finding balance can be a challenge. Yoga has offered her a sense of calmness, patience, and a new outlook on life. She is enthusiastic about the profound mental, spiritual, and physical growth that yoga has to offer. With a desire to deepen her knowledge and practice, she pursued teacher training. She received her 200 hour Teacher Certification through Core Power Yoga in April 2012. Her journey as a yoga instructor has just begun and she is eager to share this with her students, as well as learn from them. She wants to pursue more yoga trainings and continues to read more literature about yoga, as there is always more to learn. She hopes her students have the same amazing experiences that she has had practicing yoga, and they continue to thrive on and off the mat. She feels extremely grateful to have this opportunity, and for everything and everyone in her life.

Heather Keaten

CYT- Certified Yoga Teacher

Heather is a Fort Collins, Colorado native and is an energetic and enthusiastic fitness instructor. She has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and was certified in yoga from CorePower last summer. She is so excited to join the talented staff at Mindstream Yoga and hopes to provide a challenging class where students can build their own bond between mind, body and spirit. As a teacher for many years, Heather has found that she learns something from every student. Her hope is to bring a positive impact in your day each time you come to class. When she isn't teaching yoga, you can find Heather enjoying her family, friends and Great Danes.

Jill Mollenhauer

RYT- Registered Yoga Teacher

Jill Mollenhauer found her passion for yoga over 13 years ago and completed her 200 hour teacher training 4 years ago. After beginning to teach she became fascinated with the anatomy and how yoga truly works to connect the mind, body, breath and spirit. She went on to study with Paul and Suzie Grilley for two in-depth trainings in yin yoga, studying the connective tissue, joint systems and meridians and chakras of the body. There is always something new to learn and to pass on with yoga and her passion for this wonderful practice will continue for a lifetime.

Joanna Jones

CYT- Certified Yoga Teacher

I have been a Massage Therapist for 7 years about 5 years ago I started doing yoga to help me with the pain in my wrists. I started to do yoga 4 times a week and just fell in love with how it made me feel. It gave me the flexibility, range of motion, and strength that I needed to save my career and body. I fell in love with it so deeply that I wanted to teach others. Through my journey of teaching I found a few goals that I want my students to take with them in their yoga practice and in their everyday life. First I want to create a free and safe atmosphere. A place were you can drop everything and leave it outside of your mind, and your body for at least a hour to truly just focus on you.

Getting rid of the word CAN'T. Throughout my teaching this is the word that I would hear the most out of my new students, and I always say, "is it that you can't or you just don't know how". I take the time to break it down and I encourage exploration to find the flow or pose within your body. If you make it your own, you'll be more proud of your achievement and growth and understanding of how you flow.

I really just want my students to have fun, feel so good and have so much self awareness that at the end of class they will want to form more ways in there everyday lives to focus on their mind, body and spirit. Allowing themselves to let go of everyday issues and pressures that bring them down and to try to make tranquility part of everyday. "The teacher in me honors and recognizes the teacher in you because we all have something to teach." Namaste`

Julia Tompkins

CYT- Certified Yoga Teacher

“May we always approach our physical practice with this deep appreciation- to be in these bodies, to move, to breathe, to feel, to sweat, what a gift”- Beth Shaw. Working in the Fitness Industry for 8 ½ years, guiding Yoga students for 4 years, I feel this quote from Beth Shaw truly embodies who I am. My passion for fitness is very true and deep to whom I am. Completing half marathons, triathlons, bike tours of 200+miles, I feel it is a true blessing to move my body and push it to places I never thought I would be able. Certified personal trainer through ACE, certified group fitness instructor through AFFA, certified Yoga instructor, certified Cycling instructor, and Continuing Education in; Pre and Postnatal exercise design, Boot Camp, Core, Corrective Exercises, Functional Exercises, etc., I feel it is my duty to share the love with others, to make them feel alive. I am dedicated to create movement, passion, and a new found in self in each of my clients. Yoga has claimed me, has deepened my perspective, and has taught me how to love others and myself. Yoga gives me inner and outer peace that grows within me. As a mother of twin girls, Yoga is my surrender, my place on the mat that gives me a dance in the world to share with my loved ones, friends, the community and my students. Yoga is seeking the truth, seeking alignment, finding balance, and it brings us back together. With the ups and downs, goals, accomplishments, falls, first times, heart aches, and everything else life throws at us, Yoga is a place to find your own union, to be in your own heart beat, to flow, and to surrender to what is.

Kristen Lassiter

RYT- Registered Yoga Teacher

Kristen primarily teaches Vinyasa yoga., although also trained in gentle, hot yoga (Bikram style), and yoga with weights. Kristen has come to appreciate and identify with Vinyasa in particular due to the connection of breath with movement of the body. Her strengths as an instructor include being able to teach a variety of asanas (poses) with in one class, offering different layers for different levels of practice and never making yoga appear intimidating. After undergoing major injury and surgery herself , Kristen has used the power of yoga to help heal and rehabilitate. In her teaching process, she places emphasis on making yoga ones own and encouraging individuals to take their practice to a level in which they feel comfortable and safe, yet challenged.

Lindsay Roselle

RYT- Registered Yoga Teacher

After years of spine and hip pain caused by various athletic pursuits, Lindsay discovered hot yoga in California during college and was stunned by the transformation in her body. Since then, she's maintained a love for the tranquility and challenge of a regular yoga practice, especially as a counter-balance to a demanding corporate career. Lindsay never imagined herself as a yoga teacher, but couldn't be more thankful for the experience of becoming one and how it has enriched her life. She enjoys the experience of connecting with people new to yoga and skeptical about its fit for them, and helping them to find an experience with yoga that keeps them coming back to the mat. Lindsay received her 200-hour teaching certification from CorePower Yoga in 2011 and is registered with Yoga Alliance. Outside of the yoga studio, Lindsay devotes time to raising and training her 3 year old Hanoverian gelding Indy in dressage, spending time with loved ones, and travels extensively internationally for her career.

Nicole Alessi

CYT- Certified Yoga Teacher

I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise and Sport Science from CSU and recently received my 200-hour certification from Mindstream Yoga. My passion is health, wellness and helping the community improve their health in any way. I enjoy seeing people improve their state of mind through yoga and exercise and the benefits it provides for every individual. I love offering modifications and variations so every student can practice to their ability, as well as sharing the benefits of yoga to reduce stress, increase flexibility, balance and strength. Along with teaching yoga I am an avid runner, I enjoy spending time with my family, exercising, taking yoga, being outdoors, and reading a good book.


Sarah Kashdan

CYT- Certified Yoga Teacher

Sarah was introduced to yoga during in college in 2005. She found that a regular yoga practice allowed her to heal both physically and emotionally from difficult events in the past and now she is the happiest place of her life. A Boston native, Sarah moved to Colorado in 2009 in the pursuit of a veterinary degree but found that yoga and teaching became her life passion. Sarah received her 200-hour certification from Corepower yoga in 2012 and has taken several trainings since then.

Sarah has a master’s degree in toxicology and is also a Reiki practitioner. This combined interest in science and healing drives Sarah’s teaching to connect the mind, body, and spirit. Sarah promotes positivity, health and wellness and hopes to inspire students to live their yoga both on and off the mat. With a lighthearted and energetic personality, Sarah thrives on the connections she makes with her students. She loves to see people find, cultivate, and shine their inner light. Remember, it's a yoga practice, not a yoga in the moment and know you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Stephanie Bennett

CYT- Certified Yoga Teacher

Stephanie began teaching yoga in 2005 after training through YogaFit. Having been a dancer for most of her life, she found yoga to be the perfect respite not only for physical fitness but creative expression and stress relief. Stephanie loves to share the transformational power of yoga with her students and encourages them to believe in their own strength, courage, and intuition. When you take a class with Stephanie she will encourage you to set personal goals and help inspire you to achieve them. As the mother of three children, Stephanie loves to infuse her classes with a sense of playfulness, energy, and overall love of life. When not teaching you will find her with her family, taking pictures, designing jewelry, crocheting, reading, and following her bliss; quite possibly all the same time! Stephanie continues to be amazed at how much joy the practice of yoga has brought to her life and she loves to share that joy with others. "Practice and all is coming." Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

Teressa Brown

CYT- Certified Yoga Teacher

I started practicing yoga in 2005, and teaching in 2006 after CorePower Yoga's 200 hour Hot Yoga Teacher Training. A year later I completed another 200 hour Vinyasa Teacher Training at CorePower Yoga. I continue to learn more every day from my wonderful students and my passions for holistic health, Kundalini yoga, Anusara yoga, meditation, yogic philosophy and life!

I knew after my first yoga class that I wanted to share the amazing feeling I got with others. I believe that when someone finds something that lights them up, it is their responsibility to share it with the world~even if it starts with just one person.

Although I am a versatile teacher, I feel the most passionate about vinyasa yoga. I love the dance-like quality of the movements that energize and bring you into focus. Planning my classes gives me the opportunity to express my creativity and to interweave all of the styles of yoga I love into unique classes that focus on a certain theme to relate yoga to your life. I love to connect with my students through hands-on assistance and aromatherapy. ~Teressa

Toni Viney

CYT- Certified Yoga Teacher

Toni took her first yoga class in 2004, but it wasn’t until 2007 when she was burned out from graduate school that Toni became hooked on yoga. She walked into a yoga class after a stressful week and realized that it was the perfect balancing and energizing complement to her daily life. She graciously attributes her yoga practice to completing her Master’s degree, following her gut as she made decisions about her career and, ultimately, becoming a yoga instructor. Toni completed her 200-hour teacher certification at Corepower and feels so fortunate to be a yoga teacher. She particularly enjoys the supportive community of teachers and students and appreciates the honor of sharing her students’ energy.

In addition to teaching yoga, Toni spends her time away from the studio working as an Academic Advisor for the College of Business at CSU where she supports students as they move through their academic careers. She loves the Colorado lifestyle, spending much of her free time hiking, skiing, climbing, and being with her husband, Dan, and dog, Sunny.