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About the Owners of Mindstream Yoga

The relationship of stepdaughter and stepmother has offered Lindsay and Darla Roselle the unique opportunity to maintain a steadfast friendship as well as establish and co-own Mindstream Yoga, Inc. As corporate-minded individuals Lindsay and Darla combine the experience of small business administration, commercial industry operations, and business management education into a pool of knowledge from which to draw. Therefore, as yoga practitioners the idea of running a yoga studio seemed not only plausible but also enticing. So with significant research, a vivid vision, extensive planning, and a touch of luck Mindstream Yoga transformed from a brainstorm conversation to a tangible reality. Lindsay and Darla are constantly inspired by father and husband Jerry, who is the eternal optimist. Jerry is the person who reminds them that dreams are realized when the belief and effort are sincere and consistent.

Lindsay Roselle


Lindsay grew up in Fort Collins, where she developed a profound appreciation for the local community and the value of local business. After graduating from high school, Lindsay attended the University of California, Berkeley where she graduated with a B.A. in Political Science. Upon returning to Fort Collins in 2005, Lindsay was hired by a large technology company in town, where she continues to work today in an international business development role. Lindsay is a 2007 graduate of Leadership Fort Collins and received her MBA from Colorado State University in 2009, which is where her vision to open a yoga business in Fort Collins first surfaced. After attending her first yoga class at age 16, Lindsay was hooked, and over the years her yoga practice has become an integral part of her well-being. Mindstream Yoga, Inc represents the fusion of passion and practice for Lindsay, and she couldn’t be more ecstatic to own the studio with Darla and share her love of yoga with her hometown community.

Darla Roselle


Darla has managed a local, small business for the past 14 years. That experience coupled with six years as a department head for an area health club enables Darla to bring over 20 years of customer service and small business operations knowledge to Mindstream Yoga, Inc.

Darla is Colorado State University alum, which adds the benefit of Fort Collins familiarity and the support of community pride. She earned her Master’s degree in Management from New England College with a concentration in banking and finance. The extraordinary education she received at the undergrad as well as the graduate level has proven to be an invaluable tool toward the establishment of Mindstream.

Curiosity encouraged Darla research yoga. It was through that inquisitive nature that yoga went from a business opportunity to a journey of self-discovery. The belief in the holistic benefits yoga can create incentivizes Darla to continue on the yoga path and motivates her to offer yoga to anyone who is willing to try it. As a registered yoga teacher Darla looks forward to connecting with Mindstream members while they explore yoga. As a certified Enneagram instructor Darla can also use her understanding of personalities to guide individuals through their continued yoga practice.

Darla lives in Fort Collins with her husband Jerry and their son Max. She is continually grateful for and proud of her two stepdaughters Lindsay and Adrienne and her son-in-law Kellin.