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You're Ready. Here's Why:

According to the National Institute of Health, yoga:

• Improves mood and sense of well-being
• Counteracts stress
• Reduces heart rate and blood pressure
• Increases lung capacity
• Improves muscle relaxation and body composition
• Helps conditions such as anxiety, depression, and insomnia
• Improves overall physical fitness, strength, and flexibility
• Positively affects levels of certain brain and blood chemicals


While there are no guarantees that any of these specific results will occur in every individual, your investment in yoga relies on the premise that the potential benefits outweigh the possible detriments.

Compare a CD, certificate of deposit, to yoga. In basic terms a CD is considered a low risk investment made with your own money. The terms such as the interest rate and a fixed or variable term are determined up front, and the financial institution insures the CD. Upon maturity, the choice is left to you to reinvest in another CD or withdraw the full amount along with the accrued interest and choose a different investment opportunity. The risk is low, the terms are clear, and the reinvestment choice is yours.

In yoga, the low risk investment is made with your own body. You decide the terms, such as membership choice and frequency of participation and Mindstream Yoga agrees to provide you various class options at a wide range of times. Upon certain duration of routine yoga practice, the choice is left to you to advance your yoga regimen, or withdraw your vested interest in yoga, take what your mind has learned and what your body has earned, and try something else that works better for you. The risk is low, the terms are clear, and the continued investment choice is yours.

The value yoga can provide is vast. To include yoga in your life doesn’t equate to a complete lifestyle change. It enhances your personal being to help you become a more patient parent, a more tolerant supervisor, a more understanding friend, a more reliable employee, but most importantly a healthier person. Yoga helps you be a better you. What better investment is there than health?

Invest in Yourself

With the endless expectations placed on you each day, you deserve 60 minutes to spend solely on your personal wellness. To prioritize your health like you do family, work, and friends equates to you being more valuable to the people who matter to you most. When you feel fit and exude a mental calmness you give your best to the world around you. Challenge your boundaries, treat yourself, and try Mindstream.