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Mindstream Yoga – Membership FAQs

Mindstream Yoga - Group Yoga Class

We know there are a lot of options, so we’ve tried to answer some common questions below. If you don’t see the answer here, feel free to email us at or come into the studio!

  • Do I have to join online before I come to the studio for my first class?

    No, you are welcome to come into the studio and discuss membership options in person. You are also welcome to join online at any time. Students new to Mindstream Yoga qualify for our Introductory Offer, which is explained in more detail. After your Introductory Offer expires you have the option to join as a member, which offers the best value, or you may purchase class packs or attend on a drop-in fee basis.

  • How old does a person have to be to qualify for an individual membership?

    A person must be 14 years old to qualify for an individual membership. All persons under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign a waiver and consent form before the person may take his/her initial class. Persons 14-15 must attend each yoga class with an adult 18 years or older unless otherwise specified. Persons 16-17 may attend yoga classes without an adult as long as a parent or legal guardian has signed the waiver and consent form. Consult with your doctor and ask questions about particular risks yoga may have on a person 14-17 years old and ask specific questions about yoga as it relates to your child.

  • How old does a person need to be to qualify for the senior membership?

    Senior Yoga Membership 60 years of age.

  • We would like to set up a group membership for the reduced montlhy rate. How can we do that?

    Group memberships must be set up through the studio personnel. Come into the studio and let us know the group name and how many people will be joining under that group. Once the 5th person joins, the reduced rate will take effect for all 5 people on the next billing period for each individual membership. We request the email addresses of all people in a group so that we can update the group as it grows (or shrinks) and how the rate will be affected as a result.

  • What are the options to pay for a monthly membership?

    The monthly payment is automatically deducted from a checking account, debit card account, or credit card account. The day a person joins marks the day of each month the membership fee will be deducted.

  • How many people make up a group membership?

    There are three general group memberships: 5-9 people, 10-19 people, and over 20 people. There already exist group memberships set up for teachers, students, seniors, and military for people who fall into those categories.

  • I am a teacher but I also have a family that wants to join as a group. What now?

    Teachers are already given the lowest membership rate available. It would be best if you joined under the teacher group and had your family members begin a group of their own. Invite aunts, cousins, step-daughters, godfathers, someone who acts like your mother and anyone you consider family to join as part of your family group.

  • How strict is the group membership association?

    If you find anything in common with the people you are joining, congratulations, you’re a group. It’s yoga, we’re flexible.

  • How does a person qualify for the military membership?

    You qualify if you are on active duty or on leave, retired, discharged, the spouse of an active duty or retired military, or are in the reserves or the spouse of someone in the reserves.

  • I am into yoga. Does my membership allow me to take more than one class a day?

    Sure. All memberships are unlimited yoga. However, the punch cards and introductory offers are for one class only per punch. As a precaution, check with your doctor about your particular fitness level and your individual parameters. Too much of anything tends to have negative side effects.

  • What is the difference between a group membership and a corporate membership?

    A group membership made up of co-workers means every individual pays the same reduced rate for his/her monthly membership fee. The rate depends on how many people belong to the group.

    A corporate membership means the company that employs the co-workers in the group membership agrees to pay for a portion of each individual membership. The group discount is the same amount. However the total monthly membership fee is split between the company and each individual.