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Mindstream Yoga – Membership Types

Individual Membership

An individual membership is one person who pays one monthly fee. An individual membership is not associated with any group membership or corporate membership. A person may join Mindstream Yoga for an individual membership two ways: online or directly at the studio. All individual memberships are allowed unlimited access to the studio. Specialty classes, workshops, and programs are not included in the price of membership.

Group Membership

A group membership is made up of a defined number of associated indivuduals. Groups can be formed from any connection. All individuals belonging to a group membership are allowed unlimited access to the studio. Here are a few examples of group memberships: family members, co-workers, book clubs, neighborhoods, moms group, dads group, Church group, running club, bike club, soccer club, walking buddies, sports/intermural team, sewing/knitting group, alumni, girls night out gang, poker night gang, bunko group

Don’t see a group that applies to you?

Propose your own. Here is an explanation how a group membership operates:

Once 5 individuals sign up for a monthly membership under the same group, the monthly fees of each individual reduce from $107 per person to $100 per person. If the group grows to 10 people, all ten individual monthly membership fees reduce from $100 per person to $95 per person and so on. Conversely, if a person from a group terminates his/her membership and it causes the group to fall from 10 people to 9 people, the individual monthly fees will adjust from $95 per person to $100 per person.

• A person may belong to only one group. Every person joining a group must specify the group name.
• If a member joins as an individual not associated with a group, he/she may join a group at any time.
• If an individual chooses to switch groups, he/she may do that with the understanding that fee adjustments
  could apply to either or both groups.
• The adjusted fees will be applied to the next monthly billing cycle of each individual membership. No
  proration will occur, and no credits will be given.

Corporate Membership

A corporate membership is a group membership at a business. The difference between a corporate membership and a group membership is the corporation agrees to pay a percentage of each member’s monthly fee.

As an example, acme software has 12 employees who all want a membership at Mindstream Yoga. The group membership fee per person is $95 per month because they fall into the 10-19 group membership. Acme software agrees to pay $20 per person toward the $95 fee leaving the balance of $75 for each individual to pay. Each individual will be billed monthly for $75 and the corporation will be billed monthly for it’s portion.

Any company is welcome to set up a corporate membership regardless of how many employees are interested.

For all corporate memberships, the human resources department should contact Darla Roselle at
970-266-YOGA (9642)
for specific information, details, and options.