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New to Mindstream Yoga.

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Finding your flow is easy.

The Mindstream slogan, “Discover Yoga. You’re Ready.™”, means just that. Yoga is for everyone and you are ready to try it. The Mindstream tag line “Follow Your Flow” is a simple way of explaining that every person has his or her own path. We encourage you to add yoga to your journey through life.

Starting a yoga practice can be intimidating. Here are a few general points and suggestions to get you going and help you feel more at ease.


• Wear comfortable, fitted clothing. Body movement and stretching happen a lot in yoga. It is best that your
  clothes allow you leeway without causing limitations or distractions.
• Bring water, a mat, and a towel. In the event you forget, Mindstream sells all three.
• Leave your ego at the door. This isn’t a competition; it’s a personal challenge. It’s just you and your mat in
  there, no one else matters.
• Every person in the room has taken a first time yoga class. They all know how it feels. You’re in
  good company.
• Talk to your teacher after class. Your teacher is there to help enhance your experience. Take advantage of
  the knowledge and assistance he/she can provide.
• Yoga meets you where you are today. Your body won’t respond the same way every time you practice.
• Allow yourself that break and acknowledge yoga is a practice, not a destination.