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New to Mindstream Yoga – FAQs

New to Yoga – FAQs

If you’ve never been into the studio or are brand new to yoga, here are some tips on what to expect from Mindstream classes. If you don’t see your question here, feel free to contact us or come into the studio anytime to talk to an expert in person. We believe the best way to learn about yoga and how it can benefit you is to try it, and we hope to see you at class soon!

  • I am not flexible. Is yoga for me?

    Yoga is definitely for you. If you got out of bed this morning you are flexible enough for yoga. Contrary to popular belief, yoga is not about being flexible. By practicing yoga regularly you will find improvement in your flexibility. But every body is different and every person has an individual experience with yoga. Some people find flexibility comes easily while others swear their hamstrings are only two inches long. Either way, the overall benefits of yoga can be extensive for everyone. So why not give yoga a try?

  • Will yoga help me lose weight?

    The gain and loss of weight typically derives from the intake versus the expenditure of calories. Proper nutrition, adequate sleep, limited stress, and regular exercise all contribute to weight loss. By maintaining a routine yoga practice, a person can supplement a weight loss regimine. Not only can yoga provide fitness, it also helps a person mentally focus. Both are necessary in a commitment to weight loss.

  • I am new to yoga. What should I know?

    First of all, you're ready. Yoga is for you. Yoga is challenging, yet not competitive. The person on the mat next to you is not staring at you. In yoga you go at your own pace. You will likely start to notice the benefits of yoga after just a few classes. Expect to sweat. Wear comfortable clothing. Bring water. Anticipate muscle soreness the next day.

  • Does Mindstream have hot yoga?

    Yes, but not every class is hot. Mindstream Yoga strives to accommodate both preferences of heated and non-heated yoga classes. There are advantages to Hot Yoga such as increased flexibility, muscles warming up more quickly, and potential reduction of injury. However some people prefer to practice yoga in ambient temperature and some teachers choose not to use heat for certain types of yoga. See Class Descriptions for specific information.

  • Does Mindstream play music during class?

    Yes. Each teacher has a choice of what style of music he or she prefers to play during a class. The teachers are mindful about how music needs to flow with the type of class. All teachers are open to feedback about the music they play during their classes.

  • Yoga is intimidating. When does it become more comfortable?

    Yoga meets you where you are today - It will be different today than it was yesterday than it will be tomorrow. The beauty of yoga is it's just you and your mat. At first yoga may seem strange because your body isn't used to the postures or the movement. But give it a few sessions and we promise you will find your own groove. Remember that yoga is not a competition. No one is class does anything exactly the same as anyone else and that is how it is supposed to be. The pressure to perform is non-existent. It is just yoga.

  • What do I bring to class? What do I wear to class?

    Bring your yoga mat. Mindstream Yoga rents mats and there are mats for sale in the lobby. Bring water. Mindstream sells bottles of water if you forget or deplete. Consider bringing a sweat towel especially if you attend a heated class. Wear comfortable, fitted clothing. Loose shirts can sometimes slide up in certain postures, which take away from the yoga experience. Yoga is practiced barefoot. No need for socks or shoes.

  • I am pregnant. Can I still practice yoga?

    First consult your doctor. Many women maintain a yoga practice throughout pregnancy. Make sure your yoga teacher knows of your condition before class starts so she/he can demonstrate modifications for certain postures. Mindstream Yoga offers a SageStream class, which caters to a more gentle yoga practice. Mindstream also will periodically schedule prenatal workshops. Refer to the workshop calendar or inquire at the front desk.

  • How often should I do yoga?

    Starting yoga is similar to starting any physical activity, so moderation is best. Three times per week is great. If you are already physically fit, coming more frequently may seem natural. Most Mindstream Yoga classes are 60 minutes long. However at any time during class you can take breaks or settle into a comfortable position for any duration of time. As you continue practicing yoga, it is common to want to come more frequently. The different types of classes offer a variety of yoga experiences. One day you may choose a PowerStream class while the nest day YinStream seems more suitable to how you feel. Mindstream accommodates those needs with its varying class schedule and wide range of time choices throughout the day.

  • Why Mindstream Yoga?

    The Mindstream philosophy is simple. "Discover Yoga. You're Ready." Anyone can do it and everyone should try it. Yoga at Mindstream is meant for everyone. There is no beginner, intermediate, or advanced levels, so you are invited to take any class you choose. All classes can be catered to your personal comfort level and ability. Mindstream Yoga is convenient. Located at Front Range Village in southeast Fort Collins. Access is easy, parking is ample, and the surrounding shops, markets, and restaurants make it a one-stop center. Mindstream is environmentally conscious. The building is LEED Certified, so it was designed "Green." The materials are local and sustainable, and the energy and water are efficient.

  • Is yoga a religion?

    Yoga at Mindstream is just that, yoga. There is no particular religion associated with Mindstream Yoga. While religious arguments have been made placing yoga in a negative context, Mindstream Yoga separates itself from those discussions. Religion is a personal choice and yoga is a mind/body connection. Intertwining the two is not part of the Mindstream Yoga experience. We offer yoga to anyone who is interested and keep it as simple as that.

  • I am physically fit in another sport. How will that affect yoga for me?

    There are many people who practice yoga as a compliment to their favorite physical activity. Yoga assists in improving flexibility, strengthens large muscle groups as well as muscles infrequently used. Yoga brings awareness to the breath, and encourages mental focus. Yoga is a whole body practice from the inside out. The benefits are vast and can enhance your preferred sport or activity.