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History of Yoga

Brief History of Yoga

Briefly and Simply

The history of yoga dates back centuries. In a basic sense and more commonly thought of in western culture, yoga is used as a holistic method to achieve health and wellness. In a deeper and more traditional sense, yoga finds the connection between mind and body and can be used to transcend beyond the limitations of the mind.

Teachings that promote a yogic lifestyle known as the Yoga Sutras are practiced to this day and revered as ancient doctrines. The fundamental tenants of the Yoga Sutras are commonly referred to as the eight limbed path of yoga, which includes the following:

• Yamas – social ethics
• Niyamas – self awareness
• Asanas – postures
• Pranayama – breath
• Pratyahara - detatchment from senses
• Dharana – concentration
• Dhyana – meditation
• Samadhi - union with the divine.

Living in accordance with the eight limbed path is an integral part of the Yoga Sutras and fundamental to a yogic lifestyle. There are many resources that provide vast amounts of information related to the history of yoga. Mindstream encourages you to research as much or as little as you choose to satisfy your curiosity about the origin and principles of yoga (the Mindstream yoga book library is a great resource!). Our teachers are each very knowledgeable about this topic too and welcome the opportunity to discuss any questions with you.