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Myths About Yoga

Common Myths About Yoga Explained

  • The myth is: I am not flexible therefore yoga isn’t for me.

    The reality is: inflexibility is one of the best reasons to begin yoga. The vast majority cannot lift their leg straight above their head or even readily touch their toes. After only a few yoga classes you will notice your body respond to postures and your agility will improve over time.

  • The myth is: I am not in good physical shape. I can’t start yoga yet.

    The reality is: barring a doctor’s recommendation that you cannot practice yoga because of a particular health condition you are ready to start. Yoga helps you become more physically fit. Because any of the Mindstream Yoga classes can be catered to your ability and comfort level, you can choose which one(s) is best suited to you. We encourage you to try as many as possible and decide for yourself which style and teacher you prefer.

  • The myth is: People only do yoga in heated rooms.

    The reality is: not all yoga is practiced hot. There are many styles of yoga, some of which use heated rooms and some that practice in ambient temperature. If you aren’t drawn to a heated yoga class, Mindstream offers classes that are non-heated. Check the class schedule for a list of class descriptions.

  • The myth is: I already work out. I don’t need yoga.

    The reality is: yoga can enhance an established fitness regimen. Yoga does not have to be practiced daily if you have a favorite sport or activity that monopolizes your free time. But by including yoga as a portion of your fitness routine, it can result in more toned muscles, increased flexibility, and an improved mental focus, all of which can supplement your current fitness program and perhaps prevent injury.

  • The myth is: Guys don’t do yoga.

    The reality is: men have practiced yoga for centuries. Some of the most well-known yogis are men. Although in America yoga is practiced by a much larger percentage of women, the benefits of yoga are vast for everyone.

  • The myth is: I don’t have time for yoga.

    The reality is: you can make time for something you consider a priority. Stress reduction, lower blood pressure, detoxified internal organs, and increased circulation is a few of the noteworthy physical benefits yoga can bring. But if nothing else, to be able to spend one hour concentrating on just yourself and your own personal wellness, everyone should make time for that.

  • The myth is: Yoga is a religion. Yoga is a cult.

    The reality is: yoga is practiced within certain eastern religions, but yoga itself is not a religion. At Mindstream, we do not align ourselves with any particular religion and we certainly are not a cult. We are everyday people who promote overall wellness and health. We want to offer yoga to anyone who would like to try yoga as a way to attain and maintain health and wellness.