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Mindstream Yoga Programs

At Mindstream Yoga we think education comes in many forms. Our programs are a great way to expand your knowledge and experience with yoga in ways that you might otherwise not be exposed to in class. Workshops, trainings, and specialty classes and events are designed to engage our students in unique experiences led by our expert teachers who have a passion for a particular application of yoga outside of regular class and want to share it with you.


We offer a wide array of programs that enrich and transform lives.

• Want to learn how to kick up into handstand, or what “Flying Pigeon” pose looks like?
  Try our Arm Balances & Inversions Workshop.
• Are you pre-natal/post-partum and seeking a yoga program tailored to your needs? Look for our
  regularly scheduled Yoga for Pregnancy program, taught by a Certified Pre-Natal Instructor.
• Or do you want to deepen your commitment to your yoga practice through personal coaching or
  perhaps even become an instructor yourself? Mindstream’s Streamline Coaching and Instructor Training
  programs are some of the best ways to truly integrate yoga into your life.

No matter what your interests or motivations are related to yoga, we have a program for you…and if you don’t see one…make a suggestion! Our teachers love new ideas for workshops, programs, and specialty classes and we believe that if you would like it it’s likely that some of our other members would too! For more information on any of our individual programs please check the descriptions under the tabs to the left, email us at, or come into the studio! One does not need to be a Mindstream Yoga member or be currently attending classes at the studio to participate in our programs.