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Mindstream Yoga – XsTream Yoga Bootcamp

Mindstream Yoga – XsTream Yoga Bootcamp

Yoga Bootcamp

Yoga Bootcam in Fort Collins, CO

Yoga Bootcamp – Fort Collins









Love our CrossStream class? Want an intense exercise program to kick start your fitness goals and create noticeable results that translate into leaner body and a stronger yoga practice? Looking to find a community of fitness and wellness experts to call on with your questions about your cardiovascular and strength training routine, and how to best support it nutritionally? Our XsTream Bootcamp is for you!

This program will challenge your fitness through a 2 or 3 week series of workouts 6 days a week focused on cardio and strength interval training. They say variety is the spice of life, and this program will give you just that, plus results that will make all the sweat worth it!

More specific details will be available soon, so check back here often! We invite you to sign up below to get on our XsTream Bootcamp informational email list.