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Mindstream Yoga Classes – Descriptions

Yoga Classes in Fort Collins

Mindstream Yoga classes primarily feature Power Vinyasa style yoga. Vinyasa is largely derived from Ashtanga yoga, and connects breath and movement to create a rhythmical flow through sequences of postures. Vinyasa yoga is sometimes referred to as “power” yoga because of the physical intensity of connecting sequences together, often in a heated and humidified environment. This climate helps the body warm and open, and increases the cleansing and purifying benefits of yoga practice. Not in the mood to sweat? No problem! Mindstream Yoga offers many class types to ensure that every student has an opportunity to find a class with the level of intensity best suited to them that day.

To enhance your experience of yoga at Mindstream, all our classes feature music selected by the teacher to suit the pace, style, and intensity of the class. We find music to be an incredible complement to the practice of yoga.

  • CircuitStream

    This is a stations class that combines CrossStream and TRXStream with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) for a full body workout. Each class will have varying stations that focus on muscle building, interval training, plyometrics, speed work, static holds of a yoga posture, and more. Incorporate this in your weekly routine as a great way to feel a boot camp workout and maintain your solid cardio strength. The room will be heated and humidified. Bring your mat but no shoes needed.

  • CrossStream

    You’ll feel the burn in this energetic class intensified with the added challenge of free weights, cardio intervals, and sculpting exercises (think lunges, squats, and curls). Think of it like a yoga bootcamp, mixing resistance and sculpting exercises with yoga poses, making it a perfect cross training activity for athletes of all disciplines. It is designed to take your body and your yoga practice to the next level by firming and toning from head to toe, all while you continue to build balance and flexibility. The room will be heated and lightly humidified in this class to encourage flexibility, increase the release of toxins, and give you an amazing workout!

  • FusionStream

    A combination of Power Vinyasa Flow and traditional Hot Yoga postures performed in a specific order, this class offers the best of both styles in a set sequence and at a moderate pace suitable for students of all levels. Every major system in the body will be systematically detoxified and reenergized in a setting that lets the student explore some flow elements while maintaining the intensity and focus of traditional hot yoga. This class will be heated and humidified to encourage flexibility, increase your endurance, and boost your metabolism.

  • HotStream

    A challenging series of both standing and floor based static postures performed in a specific order; HotStream is geared towards students of all levels seeking a structured, intense class. Each pose has a specific set of bones, muscles, organs, joints, nerves, and glands it targets, and is intended to increase your cardiovascular endurance and flexibility while systematically detoxifying the body. The room will be heated to roughly 105 degrees, so expect to sweat (its really good for you)! This class is available in a 60 and 90 minute format, so be sure to check the online schedule for specific timing.

  • MainStream

    Our signature all levels class, taught in the Power Vinyasa Flow style of yoga. This class combines breath and movement to create an invigorating flow through sequences of postures. Instructors skillfully design the sequences for a unique experience every class and will cue the postures as you move, with a focus on safe and effective alignment. Modifications and variations are always offered so each student may individualize their practice. This class is moderately paced, making it a great class for beginners. The room is warmed to a comfortable temperature, and no humidity is added.

  • PowerStream

    A step up in intensity from MainStream, this class offers a more vigorous pace with longer sequences and more challenging postures cued. The continuous flow will deepen breathing, increase endurance, build strength, and push you to develop more balance and flexibility. This class is best for those that are already physically active, comfortable with basic yoga postures, and appreciate a good sweat, however all levels are welcome as all postures are cued and modifications and variations will be offered. This class will be heated and lightly humidified to encourage flexibility, increase the release of toxins, and give you a full mind-body workout.

  • SageStream

    In this gentle flow class, the pace is slowed down and postures are presented in an easy to follow sequence with extra modifications offered so students can relax and move with ease. Breath work and guided meditation might be components of this class, and props are often used to allow for extra support and even deeper release. Sagestream is an excellent choice for seniors, those suffering from chronic illness or injuries, those new to yoga, or anyone looking to recharge and renew with less effort. The room is warmed to a comfortable temperature, and no humidity is added.

  • StorkStream

    Mindstream's prenatal yoga class. This gentle class is specifically designed for pregnant women. Any pregnancy stage and all three trimesters are welcome. Geared toward peaceful movement rather than rigorous motion, each woman will be able to adjust every posture to accommodate her individual ability and mobility. Recognizing that every day during pregnancy can feel differently, this gentle class aims to help women relax. Breath work will also be practiced. Women can find a rhythm with breath and feel comfortable and confident in preparation for breathing through stress. This class is open to members and offered to non-members at a special prenatal class fee. The rooms is not heated or humidified but it is recommended to dress in layers since pregnancy generates varied body heat within each person.

  • StrengthStream

    This class features the best of two worlds as it intertwines the pace of a PowerStream with lengthy holds familiar to a MainStream. StrengthStream provides detailed instruction of several advanced postures not offered in a MainStream while simultaneously allowing freedom for yogis to elaborate on postures frequently taught in PowerStream classes. You will continue to build strength with foundational postures and find encouragement in refining poses that help develop your own individual practice. This is an all levels class geared toward the person who wants the challenge of a faster pace and advanced postures but prefers a non-heated and non-humidified room. The temperature and humidity are identical to a MainStream class.

  • TRX® Stream

    This class features circuit training intermixed with yoga postures, utilizing TRX® Suspension Trainers and the student’s own body weight for resistance to build incredible strength, balance, and flexibility while also offering a cardio challenge. Using our own body weight is one of the most efficient and effective ways to build strength. This small group class led by a certified TRX® instructor will show you how to achieve maximum fitness results and still feel revitalized using yoga as the foundation. Please bring your mat and wear athletic footwear (running shoes, cross-trainers, etc) to this class.

  • YinStream

    An all levels class based on the calm and soft qualities of Yin philosophy, this class gently addresses restrictions and tensions throughout the body with postures held for 3 to 5 minutes combined with mindful breath work. Strengthening postures may be added, held for shorter periods of time. Props are often used to facilitate relaxation of muscles and to target the connective tissues, fascia, bones, and joints of the body. The perfect complement to more active flow-based classes or other athletic activities that target muscles, Yin’s meditative approach will offer a different perspective on how yoga builds strength, balance, and flexibility. Yin can be practiced by any type of student, including those recovering from injuries. The room is warmed to a comfortable temperature, and no humidity is added.

All Mindstream Yoga classes are 60 minutes unless otherwise noted.
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