Class difficulty key:

  • B - great for beginners

  • AL - suitable for all levels

  • I - intermediate fitness and basic yoga experience recommended

  • E - power yoga experience recommended

Room climate key:

  • NH - non-heated (78º-84º)

  • LH - lightly heated (85º-92º)

  • HH - heated and humidified (93º-99º, 40% humidity)

  • HOT - heated and humidified (102º-107º, 50% humidity)



Yoga Class Descriptions


Our gentle flow class with an easy to follow pace and sequence, extra modifications, and abundant cues.  Props are often used to allow for additional support and deeper release. Breath work and guided meditation may be included. Great for those new to yoga, anyone suffering from chronic illness or injury, seniors, or experienced students looking to recharge and renew with less effort.

Designed for: B, AL
Climate: NH


Our signature all levels vinyasa class combining breath and movement to create a moderately paced, invigorating flow through sequences of postures. Instructors will cue and/or demonstrate each pose as you move through it with a focus on safe and effective alignment. Modifications and variations are always offered so each student may individualize their practice.

Designed for: B, AL
Climate: NH


Our power yoga class featuring a more vigorous pace with longer sequences and more challenging postures cued.  The continuous flow will increase endurance, build strength, deepen breathing, and develop balance and flexibility. Best for those already physically active, comfortable with basic yoga postures, and who are ready to sweat.

Designed for: I, E
Climate: HH


Our combination of power vinyasa flow and traditional hot yoga postures performed in a specific order, this class offers the best of both styles in a set sequence and at a moderate pace suitable for students of all levels. Every major system in the body will be systematically detoxified and reenergized in a setting that lets the student explore some flow elements while maintaining the intensity and focus of traditional hot yoga.

Designed for: B, AL
Climate: HOT


Our take on classic Hot Yoga, this challenging series features both standing and floor based static posture holds performed in a specific order. HotStream is geared towards students of all levels seeking a structured, intense class. Each pose has a specific set of bones, muscles, organs, joints, nerves and glands it targets and is intended to increase cardiovascular endurance, mental focus, as well as flexibility while systematically detoxifying the body. This class suits students who experience wrist fatigue as there are no postures requiring the students to place weight on their wrists..

Designed for: AL, I
Climate: HOT


Our class based on the calm and soft qualities of Yin philosophy. It will gently addresses restrictions and tensions throughout the body with primarily floor-based postures held for 3 to 5 minutes combined with mindful breath work. Props are often used to facilitate relax­ation of muscles and to target the connective tissues, fascia, bones, and joints of the body. The perfect comple­ment to more active flow-based classes or other athletic activities that target muscles, Yin’s meditative approach will offer a different perspective on how yoga builds strength, balance, and flexibility.

Designed for: AL
Climate: NH