"Follow your bliss and doors will open where there were no doors before"

- Joseph Campbell

Our Mission

We strive to create a community that fosters strength, happiness, and belonging by providing a variety of inventive, accessible, and authentic yoga and fitness classes to students of all ages, fitness levels, and ability.

Our Brand

The name of our business is derived from the concept of “mindstream”, which is discussed in many religious and philosophical traditions. It is the continuum of awareness that exists in life; the flow of energy and consciousness that empowers us as thinking, feeling, and intelligent beings. While Mindstream Yoga takes a secular approach to yoga, and doesn’t identify with any particular religious tradition or philosophy, we embrace the meaning behind our name. We believe that as human beings we each have a unique “mindstream”, and that the practice of yoga is one means by which we can each grow, nurture, and expand our experience of this flow in life. That is why at Mindstream Yoga we aim to inspire you to Follow Your Flow.

In addition to our name, the Mindstream Yoga logo is particularly meaningful too. To us it is reminiscent of Scorpion Pose (the pose on the far right in the above picture). Scorpion is a notoriously difficult posture to master because it requires an incredibly well-tuned combination of strength, balance, and flexibility. Yet, like most things in life, Scorpion is attainable with regular practice, focus, and a little bit of courage to try. It is for this reason that we love it’s essence in our logo. Yoga, like life, is about practice, focus, and courage to explore our own boundaries. Not everyone (even us at Mindstream Yoga) can do Scorpion pose today, but that doesn’t keep us from working towards it, one class at a time.

Our Management Team

Mindstream Yoga, Inc is a local, family-run small business. The relationship of stepdaughter and stepmother has offered Lindsay Roselle and Darla Roselle the unique opportunity to fuse family, steadfast friendship, and passion for bringing wellness to the Fort Collins community in establishing and co-owning the studio. The idea and brand behind Mindstream Yoga were conceived and designed by the Roselle's in 2011 and the studio opened in February 2012. Today, Mindstream Yoga represents the confluence of inspiration, research, planning, hard work, and a touch of serendipity to the Roselle's.

As entrepreneurs, Lindsay and Darla draw on their extensive combined experience with small business administration, corporate and commercial operations, sales and business development, and personnel management to operate and grow Mindstream Yoga. 

OWNERS  Darla Roselle & Lindsay Roselle

Darla Roselle & Lindsay Roselle

Our Owners

Darla Roselle

Darla Roselle

Darla Roselle, M.S., E-RYT, RCYT

A long time Fort Collins resident, Darla has managed the family’s thriving law practice since 1997. With an undergraduate degree in Technical Journalism and a Master’s degree in Financial Management, Darla established a full spectrum foundation with which to manage daily operations of the yoga studio.

Once Lindsay, Darla’s stepdaughter and co-owner of Mindstream Yoga, Inc., wrote the business plan, Darla immediately knew she wanted to play a role in management. The premise of creating, fostering, and maintaining excellence became their mutual goal. Together the stepmother/ stepdaughter team has built a solid business based on superior customer service, quality teachers, tasteful décor, educational programs, and an inviting atmosphere. 

Darla earned her yoga teaching certification in December 2011 and has taught hundreds of classes since Mindstream opened on February 20, 2012. In January 2013, Darla earned E-RYT status. An esteem honored by recognizing one’s aptitude and capability to lead teacher-training programs. In October 2013, she completed the curriculum to earn her Children’s Yoga Teacher Certification, an achievement Darla strove to attain since she began her yoga journey.

The establishment of Mindstream opened doors for Darla that she never knew existed. Managing the business continues to be a joy. Meeting the wonderful people of Fort Collins and surrounding areas will always be her privilege.  

In her spare time, Darla enjoys running, practicing yoga, playing tennis, reading, writing, and spending time with her family.  

Lindsay Roselle

Lindsay Roselle

Lindsay Roselle, MBA, RYT

Lindsay grew up in Fort Collins, where she developed a profound appreciation for the local community and the value of local business. After graduating from high school, Lindsay attended the University of California, Berkeley where she graduated with a B.A. in Political Science. Upon returning to Fort Collins in 2005, Lindsay was hired by a large technology company in town, where she worked until January 2014 in an international business development role. Lindsay is a 2007 graduate of Leadership Fort Collins and received her MBA from Colorado State University in 2009, which is where her vision to open a yoga business in Fort Collins first surfaced. After attending her first yoga class at age 14, Lindsay was hooked, and over the years her yoga practice has become an integral part of her well-being. Mindstream Yoga, Inc represents the fusion of passion and practice for Lindsay, and she couldn’t be more ecstatic to own the studio with Darla and share her love of yoga with her hometown community.

Outside of the yoga studio, Lindsay loves to travel the world, expand her knowledge of craft whiskey, and help other wellness entrepreneurs launch and uplevel their dream businesses via her business coaching + brand strategy business. Lindsay is also the founder of Women& Inc, an organization devoted to bringing women together for connection, education, and well-being via events, workshops, and online content. You can find more information on the organization and their events, outreach, and services programs on the Women& website here

Our Facility

Mindstream Yoga has one large practice studio that easily accommodates 30-40 mats, as well as men's and women's locker rooms with showers, and a large lobby and retail boutique. All props and weights used in yoga and fitness classes are provided by the studio.